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Grow-Your-Own Microgreens Kit

Our Grow-Your-Own Microgreens Kit contains everything you need to get started growing your very own nutrient-dense microgreens in your home or office. 

Even if you are a notorious plant-killer, we've made it pretty easy for you to grow microgreens because our step-by-step instructions are the result of months of trial and error.  We've saved you the learning curve!  And trust us, that alone is worth the price of this kit.  And if you end up liking it and want to grow more, simply reorder our seeds and grow pads.  The rest of the items in the kit are reusable. 

The Grow-Your-Own Microgreens Kit contains:                      

●  2 - 10”x10” Drip Trays

●  4 - 5”x5” Tray Inserts

●  8 - 5”x5” Hemp Grow Pads (media)

●  1 - pH Test Strip Kit

●  1 - Misting Spray Bottle

●  2 - 4oz. Packets of Microgreen Seeds

●  1 - Growing Instructions

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